What is Fix My Visit ?
Create an appointment for your visitors, anytime, from anywhere!
Employees can now create their visitor appointments either by entering the appointment details themselves or by mailing the URL link to their visitor who can create the appointment on his own. An auto generated mailer with the meeting details is sent to both the visitor & the host employee. Once the appointment is created, the web application is automatically updated.
See, it’s that simple! No calls, no mails, no fuss.
Employees who wish to access their company appointment page, please access the appointment page with your company id in the url e.g. fixmyvisit.com/cogent/
TocuchPoint - Visitor Delight
TouchPoint is a Visitor Management Software that helps manage your visitors on premise. It is a highly automated system that provides self appointment creation, pre-registration, self check-in for visitors and adheres to the highest security standards required to be maintained in all facilities. TouchPoint also has modules to track movement of materials, employees, contractors and vehicles moving in and out of your premises. An award winning software, TouchPoint prides itself on futuristic features, mobile applications and high level of configurability making it a sought after product for installations at multi tenancy buildings, offices, Hotels, hospitals and exhibitions.
To know more visit,  www.usetouchpoint.com
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